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I Am Your Doula

From the heart of Sheryl Cooksley

Good morning. I let myself in.

I am your doula.

Had a rough night? None of you slept ?

I see your tear stained cheeks and bleary eyes. Let me bring you a warm cloth and something to eat.

We’ll get through this together today.

I’m your doula.

You’re touched out and tired of being needed?

I know how that feels. I’ve been there myself.

I’ll hold your baby for awhile and take care of their needs. I promise I won’t hold them too tight or kiss their head that smells so sweet. That is for you, mom. I won’t take your place.

I am the doula.

Oh, you need a listening ear? You need to unload those pent up “I’m not sounding like much of a mom” feelings?

I’ve had those thoughts. I’m a mom too. It’s ok. You’re not alone. I will listen without judgment and let you talk until you can’t anymore. Tell me what’s up. Release all your worries.

I am your doula.

You need a hug? Some TLC?

I can do that. I will rub your back and take you in my arms until you tell me “stop”. I will give you a hand massage while you wear a weighted rice bag on your eyes to relieve the stress. I will stay silent, or I will talk. Whatever you need. Whatever you want.

I am your doula.

You need a shower to feel like “you” again? And a nap to get through the rest of your day?

I brought my Moby and can wear your baby while you take care of your needs. We will fold some of their laundry and make you some lunch. Your baby is near and ready for you whenever you feel. Just tell me when. They know I’m not you.

I am their doula.

Feeling a bit better? Ready to face the rest of the day?

Call or text, whichever you please. No question or feeling too big or too small. You matter to me. Be good to your Mom, sweet baby. I’ll see you tomorrow.

I am your doula.

Sheryl Cooksley is the owner and founder of Family Tree Doula Services. She is a Certified Postpartum Doula providing antepartum, postpartum and first year infant support to families in and around Portland, Oregon.