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3 Tips to Organizing Your Baby Shower Loot

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Let’s face it, your new little tiny human has an


You’re 8 months pregnant (feeling like you’re 25 months along) and you have just come home from your first/second/fourth baby shower with bags and bags and boxes of gifts for your new baby. Not to mention the Amazon and Target boxes that keep arriving on your doorstep because your baby registry included ALL THE THINGS! I have heard of baby shower loot filling an entire nursery, 2 layers deep. The sheer volume of baby gear can leave some new parents-to-be feeling overwhelmed.

And what happens when we’re overwhelmed and we’re strapped for time? We shove everything wherever in hopes that the magic fairy will come and take care of it all.



(Unless of course you’ve hired yourself a magic Doula fairy to work organizational magic!)

Today we’re focusing on simple, practical organizational tips to get all of these baby items in some sense of order. (We’ll talk about baby nursery layout and organization another day.)

Tip 1: Pull everything out of all the bags and boxes

Now that you’ve made a giant pile of all of your baby loot, separate them by:

  1. Size: clothing, diapers, sleep sacks, etc

  2. Use: pumping, bottle feeding, diaper changing, etc

  3. Location: where are you planning on putting these items in your home (kitchen, nursery, basement)

Tip 2: Organize each pile

Take each pile, fold it neatly and place in organizational containers. Baby stuff can be small, leaving it falling the drawers or closet. Here are our favorite supplies for organization:

  • These drawer boxes from Ikea collapse until you need them, are washable and keep baby items so neatly contained in a drawer. We like to Marie Kondo the heck out of baby clothes and keep everything compact and portable. These boxes are used for the items you will be using immediately.

  • Store items that will be used later, placing them in zippered containers or plastic totes, under the crib (until baby figures out where they are). There are so many options from Ikea and Target. (Pssst…..these are great items to add to your baby registry!) Remember to make it easy on yourself to find the items in each box by labeling them.

  • Label, label, label. Don’t have a labeler? They are worth their weight in gold. We like the P-Touch and use it on EVERYTHING! We recommend labeling the drawer on the top of each drawer panel not on the face of it. You don’t want to ruin the finish. By labeling, you are guiding everyone who helps you put baby items away to know where they all go AND when they are helping with baby, they know where everything is.

  • Use hangers designed for baby clothes. This is another great baby shower suggestion. Hang up all of the outfits. We like to hoard the hangers that baby outfits come on because, not only do they have the size already on the hanger, but they hold the entire outfit. If the baby clothes are put together in outfits, you are more likely to find your baby dressed to your liking when anyone else helps out. We also like the size organizers so, at a glance, you know what you have hanging in the closet.

  • For items such as swaddle blankets, burp cloths, or baby bedding, fold them and roll so they can be placed upright in a basket or bin. Our favorite baskets are these plastic ones from Target. You can wash them in hot, soapy water to clean them, they are great for baby’s toys as they grow and they can be used for mini-laundry baskets all over the house and for closet storage as well.

Tip 3: Fold, roll and put it all away

Now that you have all of your baby shower gifts organized, it’s time to put them all in their places. Closet stuff in the closet. Dresser stuff in the dresser. Changing table stuff at the changing table. Stuff for later stored away where you will remember where it is later. Don’t forget to place anything that is to be returned, with it’s gift receipt, in a bag by your front door.

Now that we’ve broken down the process of organizing the tremendous amount of baby loot you have received, take a weekend, have a little organizing party with your partner (or someone who loves handling all the new baby stuff as much as you do) and get yourself off to a great start BEFORE baby arrives!

~Sheryl Cooksley

Sheryl Cooksley is a professional postpartum and infant care doula providing personalized support to new parents throughout Portland, Oregon and the surrounding area. She is the owner and founder of Family Tree Doula Services: a team of professional postpartum doulas ready to be a part of your postpartum plan.

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