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All for the Little Ones: Gift Ideas for Babies Under One

By Sheryl Cooksley

We all want to buy those cute, sweet gifts for the babies in our lives. Seriously, they’re just too darn cute: the babies, the toys and the clothes.


Babies under one year old don’t care what they get for the holidays. They would be just as happy with a bunch of empty gift bags with tissue paper, or even your personal Rubbermaid containers wrapped all pretty under the tree. They like the lights and the sound of the crinkling paper.

BUT….you can’t skip over celebrating their first Christmas or Hannukah. There are pictures and questions from junior when he’s older about what you got him for his first big holiday.

What should we buy for the babies on our holiday lists?

We posted a question on the Family Tree Doula Services Facebook page asking our followers to name the best Christmas gifts for babies under 1 year old. Here’s what we got:

Lastly, and the one I love best as a postpartum doula:

Start a practical tradition.

Keep it simple.

Fill whatever you are giving with love.

These littles really don’t care about anything else.


Sheryl Cooksley is a postpartum doula located near Portland, Oregon. She is the owner of Family Tree Doula Services and loves guiding new parents with a practical and low-key approach.