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Help Wanted: Professional Parent Partner for Professional Parent

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Your partner may be the most wonderful person on the planet, but let’s face it, they’re sleep deprived, overwhelmed and just as perplexed as you.

So much focus was placed on you for almost a year and now, POOF, everyone, including you and your partner, are back to work and back to your busy lives. Your Fourth Trimester was filled with visitors, meals and help around the house and now…..IT’S ALL ON YOU and your exhausted partner.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to place a Help Wanted Ad in your local Facebook Professionals Group, you know, like the ones you see for Virtual Assistants, Administrative Assistants or Bookkeepers? Professional assistance for professional parents. It’s possible!

I imagine the ad might look something like this:

HELP Wanted! ASAP!

Professional parents seek a professional partner to navigate this preposterous existence of life with a baby and work.

We aren’t looking for a nanny, night nanny or night nurse. We need a professional person professionally trained to provide parenting guidance, put some organization into our days and nights, and place us on the path to a pleasant, productive parenting lifestyle. We need plans for pumping, putting food on our table, and patiently putting baby to bed. We will turn to you to help us prioritize these plans.

Particularly interested in overnight provision of care so we can plan a peaceful night’s sleep periodically. Potential for placement for baby’s first year. Please.

Your professional parent partner could be in plain sight. A professional postpartum doula just might be the person you’ve been perusing the professional groups to fill this position.

Sounds promising!

~Sheryl Cooksley

Sheryl Cooksley is a professional postpartum and infant care doula providing personalized support to professional parents throughout Portland, Oregon and the surrounding area. She is the owner and founder of Family Tree Doula Services: a team of professional postpartum doulas ready to be a part of your postpartum plan.

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