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We're Here For You

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Pregnant and sick

                NICU baby and scared

Baby needs surgery

                You need someone who cares.

We’re here for you.


When you’re stuck in your bed

                And your pregnancy’s rough

Your doula walks alongside you

                You don’t have to be tough.

We’re here for you.


When vomit consumes you

                And you’re in utter despair

Your doula will comfort you,

                Clean up, hold your hair.

We’re here for you.

When birth goes sideways

                Landing baby in NICU

Your doula is willing to

                Walk this journey with you

 We’re here for you.

Your baby is home and

                You’re on your own

Leaving you overwhelmed and concerned

                But you’re not alone.

We’re here for you.

Baby’s needs are a lot

                Exhaustion seeps in

Your body needs sleep

                Your doula arrives and baby will keep.

We’re here for you.


Your eyes fill with tears

                When doctors tell you

Baby needs surgery

                What will you do?

We’re here for you.


You have children at home

                It’s all just too much

Your doula is trained to

                Handle the bunch.

We’re here for you.


When life throws you curve balls,

                new plans for your baby and such

Your doula supports you

                With food, kindness, and touch.

We’re here for you.


This phrase is mainstream

and a little cliche

But said from our hearts

                We mean what we say.

We’re here for you.

~Sheryl Cooksley


If you find you are in need of support during your pregnancy (antepartum), if your baby is in the NICU, or for any reason postpartum and through the first year as a new parent, you can find support HERE.