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Plan Your Postpartum Like You're Planning a Party

postpartum recovery party.jpg

You’re planning an EPIC party. A party like no other!

You are going to be famous when your friends blast photos of your soiree all over the internet.

You’ve got the date, the guest list is made, the house is ready, decorated and all the food and beverages are good to go. You have the PERFECT outfit and the BEST entertainment.  And you have an AMAZING party planner.

Oh wait! You’re having a baby. Never mind.


Are you kidding me? Apply all these same principles and you can set yourself up to have an easier postpartum recovery period. Let’s call this period your “Postpartum Recovery Party”.

You’re bringing your new baby home and starting your postpartum recovery.

You’ve got a “party” to plan girl. Where do you start?

Start by setting the date for your “party”.  Well, that’s easy. You’ve got a date. Your doctor or midwife gave you your estimated due date. Now back up two weeks and THAT is your “party” date. Why two weeks before you might have your baby? So, you are prepared. Plain and simple.

Now that the “party” date is set, let’s talk about when you’re going to shut this “party” down. Six weeks? 8 weeks? Months? This easily sounds like you have all the time in the world, but this period with your newborn is like a whirlwind of no sleep and may leave your head spinning. NOT like your college party days. This is the new you. Postpartum you. And THIS is your “Postpartum Recovery Party”.

Let’s think about who you want to invite to this “party”. Is it an intimate gathering like a dinner party? Or are you wanting the long guest list of friends and family to join you? It’s your “party” and you can have it any which way you want.

Date set. Check. Guest List made. Check.

I suspect you received all your “party” supplies at one of your baby showers. Have you organized these baby shower gifts? Do you even know what you have for your new baby before you get on Amazon or and order more? Are these the “supplies” you WANTED for your “party” or will you make do? All questions that need addressed before “party” day.

What kind of food are you “serving” at your “party”? Are you having a potluck with BYOB(everage) or are you having a catered affair? Either way is perfectly ok. If you haven’t prepped your meals and tossed them in the freezer already, you may want to start a Meal Train or sign up for a meal delivery service like Hello Fresh.   You may consider UberEATS or Grub Hub for local delivery from your favorite restaurants or have groceries delivered by your local grocery chain.

Your postpartum body will need a steady, and readily available, stream of nourishment, both food and beverages, for the duration of this “party”.

Let’s talk about the entertainment for this “party”.

How are you going to keep this “party” hoppin’? Or are you having a Sleepover Pajama Party?

As you recover from birth, you may find yourself throwing yourself a “party” that combines both ideas. For entertainment, make sure you have all the binge watching you want available in the queue of your favorite streaming channel (because baby fog…it’s real). Gather a stash of your favorite magazines or even a new book series. Some postpartum women take online college courses, knit or learn a new craft. MOST don’t have time for much of any of this because they are busy getting the rest they need in their cozy bed. You don’t have to pick the TYPE of “party” you want.

Again, it’s YOUR “party” and you can play Pin the Tail on the Donkey for all anyone should care.


This is the age-old question for all women going to ANY “party”.  Your postpartum “party” is no exception.

What ARE you going to wear? Pajamas? Leggings? A flowy skirt? And what underclothes should you wear with this special post-pregnancy attire? Have you shopped for your nursing bra if you need one, or, are you wanting to wear a comfy camisole? Do you have the industrial underwear that you will gladly throw out after this “party” is over? Again, your “party”, you can wear whatever you want and whatever feels good to you.

That is a lot to get accomplished in the final weeks of your pregnancy. You’re already making so many decisions about the baby and the birth and the this and the that.

Why do it yourself when you can hire the ultimate postpartum “party planner”?

A Party Planner?

Who plans these kinds of “parties”?

 Your Postpartum Doula, of course!

~Sheryl Cooksley

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