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Postpartum Doula. You're Like a Nanny or Night Nurse, Right?!

Nanny, night nurses and postpartum doulas are often lumped together under the same profession. In fact, they provide very different levels of care to families with babies or children.

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The Messy Truth: Postpartum Bleeding

You’re all comfy in your big armchair with all of your favorite pillows, with your feet up, feeding your baby, all while binge watching your favorite shows…. and then you feel it. Your pad is overflowing.

What is all this crap coming out of my vagina?

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Supporting Stillbirth: A Postpartum Doula’s Perspective

Not so long ago, I received an email from a pregnant woman letting me know that she had delivered her stillborn baby a day ago. She was apologetic and let me know that she would contact me the next time she was planning on having a baby.

Her first words as I arrived on her doorstep were, “I don’t even know why I needed you to come, but I did.” I knew. I trusted our time together would provide her some clarity even if we never talked about the “why”.

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