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TV Shows to Binge-Watch While on Bed Rest


You’ve been ordered to stay in bed through the remainder of your pregnancy and reading one more pregnancy/baby/parenting book just might make you vomit (even more).

What’s one way to kill the time?


Ok, so yes you could find a more productive use for this downtime, but why?!? Sometimes mind-numbing TV is exactly what the doctor ordered….especially if you need something to take your mind off your misery. Hey, even Forbes put out a Top 20 List (check it out here)

So here’s our most current go-to binge-worthy shows:


She has lots of babies and the costumes are A-Mazing! Take note of what she had to wear while pregnant. No. Thank. You.


The Bold Type

This fashion forward drama full of young angst and sensitive topics is just flat out enjoyable. Confession: I’ve spent an entire Saturday watching this show….for no reason at all. Thrillist says, “..batshit plotlines that do not at all reflect the reality of the industry it's portraying, and yet we can't stop watching. “



I’m admittedly a die-hard fan of this show and have never missed an episode, but if you’ve never watched, let’s just say there are 19 years and 38 seasons of this show that should fill a large portion of your bedrest time. Plus, the contestant’s misery may take your mind off of your own. Just maybe.

All 37 of the past seasons can be found on CBS All Access or on Amazon.

survivor GIF.gif

The Voice

YOU get to be the armchair (or in your case— reclined in a sea of pillows) judge. Grab your notebook and keep track of your winning team. Heck, sing along with everyone. If nothing else, it will get you primed for future karaoke.

The Voice.png

Queer Eye

Who doesn’t love watching people’s lives change for the better? Honestly, I wish they would land on my doorstep and work their magic on me! Ok, this show may or may not be suitable for you with all of your raging pregnancy hormones. The Fab Five make me cry (happy tears of course) every episode….and I’m not pregnant. Watch it on Netflix at your own risk and have a BIG box of Kleenex nearby.


I never claimed that I would give you the most popular list for binge-watching. If you were looking for Game of Thrones, I have to admit that I’ve never watched it, so I just couldn’t put it on this list. Albeit a short list of binge-worthy shows, these really should get you through a month or two or three while you’re keeping your baby (and you) healthy through the rest of your pregnancy.

We’d love to hear your recommendations for TV shows to binge-watch while on bed rest. Leave us a comment.

~Sheryl Cooksley

Sheryl Cooksley is a professional postpartum and infant care doula providing personalized support to new parents throughout Portland, Oregon and the surrounding area. She is the owner and founder of Family Tree Doula Services: a team of professional postpartum doulas ready to be a part of your postpartum plan.

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