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Family Tree Doula Services offers overnight and daytime Postpartum doula and Infant Care support options throughout baby’s first year. We provide Antepartum and First Year check-n services to meet your families comprehensive needs.


Historically, villages would come together to embrace and nurture expectant and new parents and their growing families. In today’s world, friends and family are often busy with work and their own families, leaving little or no time to be available to the postpartum family.   

Our postpartum doulas provide in-home daytime and overnight support, from 4-hour shifts to living in for as long as you need. We cater to your family’s needs during pregnancy, after baby arrives and through the first year after birth. We even provide a one-on-one Newborn Care Class in the comfort of your own home.



During Pregnancy

20 or more hours of in-home antepartum support is provided for your family. We provide the care you need throughout your pregnancy.



After Baby Arrives

Daytime postpartum care is provided in 4- hour shifts between 7am and 8pm. Overnight shifts are between 8pm and 7am provided in 10-hour shifts.



first-year support

Our trained postpartum and infant specialists provide a 2-3 hour check-in during baby’s first year of life.  All in the comfort of your home!

Let’s start the conversation about our First 48, Live-In Support or a private Newborn Care Class here.

How do we support you?

Antepartum care is available for the pregnant person (and their family!) who is experiencing a difficult pregnancy. We recognize that it complicates life to be on bed rest or to manage meals when you struggle to eat due to Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG: excessive vomiting during pregnancy). Our doulas support you in whatever way makes your life a bit easier by providing your emotional and physical support, meal prep for you and your family, light housekeeping, sibling support and personalized care until baby arrives. Start here if this service is exactly what you need to reduce some stress during your pregnancy.

In the first 6 weeks after childbirth, the birthing person needs to be resting and healing their body, spending quality time feeding their new baby and focusing on this time of bonding. Our Postpartum services extend beyond the usual "4th Trimester" and provide support from birth through 12-months old. We value individualized service and will help prepare a postpartum plan that best suits your growing family.

We specialize in the transition that occurs in the “5th Trimester”: the time when many parents are going back to work or babies are experiencing “regressions”. Providing practical and sustainable systems that suit you and your family is our top priority. Let us know how we can support you.

Our First 48 service offers you 48 hours of postpartum doula in-home support from the minute you walk through the doors of your home with your new baby. This service is intended to help ease the nerves of new parents, support you as your new baby begins to feed, and provide guidance as you learn to swaddle, dress and diaper a wiggly baby. If you are already home and feeling a little panicked, contact us and we’ll set you up with support that will make this transition smoother.

Family Tree Doula Services offers concierge level support to Intended Parents, from nursery organization before baby arrives through the first year after baby’s arrival. Our Newborn Care Class is a popular service for Intended Parents, providing hands-on, one-on-0ne training WITH your new baby at your chosen location. Our services range from the 4-hour Newborn Care Class to live-in support that travels TO you or WITH you. We have the ability to travel back to your home to support you as you establish your “new normal”. Let us know how we can support you by starting here.

We love supporting local surrogates as they navigate the postpartum period. Surrogates provide such a special gift to another family and, in turn, deserve to be nurtured as they recover from childbirth. We provide screening for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders, simple meal-prep, and care for the postpartum surrogate.

Some parents just want a monthly check-in to ask questions and make sure they (and baby) are "on track".  Family Tree Doula Services provides a First-Year program that offers just that.

Family Tree Doula Services offers a variety of price points: from 4-hour shifts to live-in support. Our pricing reflects our team approach, providing you the coordinated services you and your family deserve. Our doulas work hand in hand with you and your family to provide the highest quality, comprehensive care. You know who your team will be….no surprises. And that’s priceless! We provide a payment plan option and offer Gift Certificates and a Gift Registry to make planning for your doula services a little easier.

If you are interested in learning more about how the Family Tree Doula Services postpartum doulas can support you, contact us to set up a time to talk about all the ways we can support you and make life with your baby easier.

We look forward to supporting you as you begin this journey with your new baby (or babies)!

"Thank you so so much for all of the love, support and advice you have given me through this huge transition....Ever since we have figured out nursing, life has been much more peaceful." A. ~ Newport, OR

"Can't say enough about this wonderful service of encouragement and support!...From help with the birth plan, to lactation guidance, and any other information they have needed help with, this has been a wonderful resource. A Big Thank you to Family Tree Doula Services!" L.S. ~ Eagle Creek, OR

"Somedays #icanteven. Which is why we hired an amazing postpartum doula to be a part of our family's team. What a blessing she has been throughout the process of transitioning to a family of 7! I would highly recommend Doula Sheryl. She is honestly so knowledgeable, kind, and compassionate with the care she provides. So happy to have her on the rough days...okay and the good ones too." A. ~ Estacada, OR